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Branding Iron


So, what is your logo saying about you? If you're lucky, your logo captures the essence of your company in an iconic way. It literally symbolizes the substance of your organization and gives the viewer an idea of who you are, even before knowing anything about what you do.

And, when it is done well, it is a clear and recognizable image, that is easy to understand, and works well in many different formats and media platforms. Wouldn't it be nice to have an iconic mark that reminds your audience of how great you are?

If you're not so lucky, never fear...You are on the right track! Before you move forward, you may want to ask yourself these four questions. After you have done that, let's chat!


In order to leave a positive impression of your brand with your customers, it is crucial that you have business materials that represent you cohesively and help the viewer recognize when you are officially communicating something, and not just sending an informal blabbidy blab.

These items can be anything from business cards to external signage, and anything traditional or unconventional in between. While a full identity suite will have the most cohesive impact, at a minimum, you should really consider never leaving home without three basic items.

Now is also a good time to mention your internal operational materials. Items such as memos, fax cover sheets, and other documents that are planned, designed, and implemented with the company identity in mind, will also pump up the professional!

Right now you are probably saying, “Hey, You’re Welcome Design Shop, what about my identity ONLINE?!?” Oh, we hear ya! We talk specifically about the importance of your online identity under the tab “Marketing.”


Online Marketing (Web Site Design+)

Everyone knows that in this technology-driven world, you must (repeat MUST) have an online presence. But, how do you know WHAT you need and the PURPOSE it serves? Do you really need a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare, and Instagram account, on top of your web site, if you sell molasses?

Well, maybe. It can seem complicated, but the You’re Welcome design team will help you work through these complexities. Once a decision has been made about what you will need and why, we can create a web site that captures that “oomph” that makes your company special and integrate and optimize your social media use.

Think you are ready to get your electronic on? Before you get started, ask yourself these five questions. After you have done that, let's chat!

eNewsletters/Email Marketing

As you know, regular communication with your public is a commitment (read long-term relationship). An eNewsletter can be even more complicated, especially if you are not familiar with how to design for email and the laws associated with sending these out to all your fans! (See CAN-SPAM laws, etc.)

Before you take the plunge, you may want to consider these six things. Still thinking about it? let's chat!

Print Solutions

Although traditional print materials might be perfect for your company, you may want to consider more creative options. For instance, if you are a friendly robot-making company, perhaps you need stickers or sales sheets, instead of brochures. Feeling eco-friendly? Try soy-based inks or printing on non-paper-based materials.

Any way you slice it, you will need smart design that communicates the right information for the target audience. We can help make that happen!

Commissioned Design/Illustration

Special Tee

When you are not sure what you want or need, whether it will work or not, and how to make it happen, wouldn't it be nice to get some input from friendly people that want to make you look good and have fun doing it? We think so!

Sometimes, you just want something outside-the-box. We LIKE outside-the-box...we LIVE outside-the box! So, whether you need a custom illustration or graphic for a special event, to go on a t-shirt, or for anything else you can imagine, let's chat!

Not sure what you need? Perhaps we can help get the creative juices flowing! Click on the image below to see what happens when you choose to work with You're Welcome Design Shop!


Our Work


We believe your project is as unique as you are. And, we like to keep our pricing simple. We will work with you to provide a tailored quote that gets you the best bang for your buck! SIMPLE.

Already have a budget in mind? Ready to chat? If so, why not swing on over to the "Getting Started" section below, and fill out a few simple questions to get you on your way! AND YOU WERE WORRIED...

Getting Started

By now, you have visited our "Services" section and have an idea of how we can help. We are interested in a win-win, hassle-free experience for you and for us! If you want the same, contact us directly via email,, or by phone 619.356.3350.


We exist to deliver design solutions that leave everyone smiling.

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Endorphin [n]: /en'dôrfin/

A naturally occurring and infectious chemical sensation of giddiness and joy stemming from prolonged exposure to elegant and simple design solutions.

Four questions you MUST ask yourself before hiring us (or anyone else, for that matter)!

  1. Do I already have a logo?
  2. If so, do I want to modify or use a portion of an existing logo?
  3. If not, do I have a clear idea of what I want and can I describe that?
  4. If not, can I explain what my company does in a single sentence?

Three things you NEVER want to be without...

  1. Business Cards
  2. Letterhead
  3. Envelopes

Six things you may want to consider:

  1. Do I have a large amount of news/information that requires a distribution on a regular (weekly/monthly) basis?
  2. How often would I need to send out an eNewsletter?
  3. How will I allow people to “opt-in” or “sign-up” for this list?
  4. Does the value outweigh the cost (in both time and money) of choosing this format?
  5. Who will be responsible for collecting the newsletter info on a timely basis? (picture passionate, and potentially violent, office dance-offs to determine who gets to pass it off this month) and
  6. Could I accomplish distributing this information by updating my website or social media site(s)?

Five questions you may want to ask yourself before moving forward...

  1. Do I have a website (or any other social media accounts?)
  2. If so, do I want to modify or use any portion of an existing site/account?
  3. If not, do I at least have all the information I would like to display online?
  4. If not, what other information might I want to include (such as pictures, videos, etc) that I do not currently have?
  5. If not, can I obtain that information on my own, or will I need a hand in that as well?